Amazing app work done by me

It lags too much on Android 8.1.

I’m like :astonished: by seeing your app compatibility. See this:

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Min sdk i set is android 4.4 - 4.4.4 (Api 19)

How this happen…? I dont know

Thats the matter… Why it is lagging? But in my device android 9 it is perfect.

I set minimum SDK is 4.4 (Api 19) why it is showing like that then?

Which Android version these devices use?

see i have set 4.4 min. Sdk

On my mobile device, it’s showing this:

Only available in india

Woww great…! Then why didn’t you mention this earlier?


Sorry for that.
But app is crashing in many devices who are above sdk 4.4 android version.

You get the message because the app is not available in your country.
It shows your (test) equipment, not bad :wink:

I am making app available to pakistan now plss check ok

I’ve got it now. But OP should mention in first post that the app is available in India only so only Indian members could test and help hm.

Ok I’ll check on my LG-H820 (LG G5) running Android 8.0 with 4 GB RAM.

LearnCS(56).apk (8.3 MB) download from here and check

This is a good example why it is always good to test your app on as many devices as possible before distributing it on Google Play.


But why it is showing app crash message. If we test before also whats the solution?

You never told us what the message is that is displayed on the screen.