Amazing app work done by me

I had created a learning app and is fully working but there is something that i dont expect.
After downloading by many users they had told me that app is hanging and crashing in their mobiles with have 3GB+ G4 GB even.
But in my mobile (6GB+64GB) Mi K20 there is no such problems.

What is this problem now and how will it be solved. Please help me. You can download app from here :

Support is necessary. Please help.

Can I have your minimum SDK version? I have Android 8 and it appears I can’t install it because it’s incompatible with my device, are you side-loading the APK to people that can install it?

It says that it requires 4.4 and up, but I’m not able to get it.

I think you answered yourself. Are you using big assets?

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What big assets mean? I use youtube player is that big asset?

Large images for instance.

I use only icons in app no large images

You can see by downloading app

you have to give more info for us to know what is the problem about your app. Else we have to keep guessing.

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Does your app load a lot of icons at once? Like when you start the app? How many does it load?

But in 3GB+32 GB thats of @krishjha mobile it is working fine.

What messages do they receive. You are a long visitor of the community so you should know how to ask a question.

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As @Peter said, we’re unable to help you, if you can’t be more clear with what your app has. If you’re telling us the same thing over and over again, we can’t diagnose the issue.

And floating icon is too bad to see in some mobiles see below image…

Why the icon is in bottom side while in my mobile

You configured your properties for the FAB wrongly.

@Peter, you take this issue?

What are the properties can u tell me…

And if the properties are wrongly set then why only in some mobiles it show in this way…

What info u need tell me then

If we could get a crash report log then thatd be a start, then I can and others here check what it shows and find the issue.

Ok i told many users to send crash report… Pls solve my issue. Thanks

Play Store: App is not available in your country.