Amazing app work done by me

Not available on my country :confused:

My issue has been fix somewhat… Its cause is lot of screen and lot of components and blocks were used on main screen.

So finally fixed 90% of crash. Thanks to community specially @Boban @Peter.

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I am a girl… But why r u asking that.

I was saying that to @bodymindpower for:

One more issue is here with status bar color, when i set status bar color to white the phone info like network, time, battery indicator are hiding because that are in white color.

See this image i set color to blue of status bar then top info is showing… Changing the color to white it will hide under white color…

How will this solve…




I will try this thanks Boban Uncle​:blush:

Wahh… It is working on kodular Companion but when i export app and install in my phone it is not working… ************ removed by mod

Is this related to your last question, if so you should make a new thread about it and to be fair for the solution @bodymindpower provided


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