Amazon app store

Hello everyone. Do you advice to upload applications to amazon app store? Its common to use amazon app store world wide?

I tried Amazon app Store years before Google Play. I personally didn’t find it much effective. It’s too much complicated to download an app (never used app, I’m taking about downloading an app from web)


Do you use only google play console to upload apps?

Yes. I prefer using Google Play the most. I tried almost every app store before buying a Play Console account. But nothing works for me. I’m serious!

If you search google, you’ll find Amazon app Store as a best alternative for Google Play, while I find it irrelevantly complicated for users to download an app.

You may give it a try. It always depand on your target audience. I’m from india and demographical difference might affect result.

for officially we can say Play Store will be best to reach users worldwide no one using amazon store in Asia, maybe only USA and Canadian users use that but not every where.

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