Amazon fire tablet app

Has anyone developed for amazon fire tablet? Exploring what would be best option for loading apk files. Options available include following:

  1. Install Google Play Store
  2. Sideload App via USB port or SD card
  3. Upload to Amazon App store

Does Kodular Companion App exist in Fire App store? Can’t seem to find it and would like to test out.

I don’t know if the Companion needs Google Play services.

But you can download the Apk from your Project and Sideload it with adb. Maybe it’s even possible to install apps from unknown sources and install it directly from your tablet storage.

Some Guide from Google for install an Apk File:

  1. Start installing the APK.

  2. If the installation window appears with a grayed-out button, put the tablet into standby.

  3. Bring the tablet back out of standby.

  4. The installation button should now be active and can be used.

  5. Be happy about the APK that has just been installed.