Ampel Simulator

Name of App: Ampel Simulator de.fafnirsoft.fsampel

Describe your app:

The app is a simple german traffic light simulator. I was annoyed that the simulators I saw did not show either red-yellow phase or the yellow phase before the red light did not last long enough.

I have the night mode built-in (non-operating mode), the traffic light blinks yellow, and a mode is inserted, which announces a change of mode. (yellow flashes fast)

Furthermore, the duration of the red or green phases can be changed. The yellow phase also adapts to the permitted maximum speed according to traffic regulations in Germany.

Of course, manual mode is also possible. You may also change wallpapers.



App Store/Download link:

Thanks to Kodular. I mentioned Kodular in the “About this app”.

Translation to english is in progress.
Available only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland a.t.m.


I found your ampel image

This could also be made into a prank app like


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