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Our Moto: Amplify your success!

Some features may be incomplete due, to ßeta!

How Does It Work?

Feel free to PM your APK, App Name, Description, Logo, A Custom 5 Digit Invite Code, Current Version, Your Choice Of Developer Name, Category Of The App, and that’s all you need to do. Then, we’ll upload it to the Amplify App Store and advertise your Invite Code through the In-App Notification Center, and get you downloads, all free! Anyone can upload, we don’t categorize based on age :wink:


Get 50 free credits when you enter a valid Invite Code!

Amplify Store is a store for developers that maybe can’t pay the $25 one-time fee Google Play charges them to upload and publish an app that they want in the public. It’s free and will always be free along with that come awesome features that Google Play doesn’t have so you can give your downloaders the best experience from us.


Download and you’ll see for yourself.

Main Features:

Credits: This is one feature that we have, that Google Play doesn’t… You don’t have to buy them but, you can get them by entering Invite Codes, and later we will add so you can get apps with them. While that feature is on its way, you can earn now and spend later :wink:
Commenting: Coming Soon… :sweat_smile:
Likes & Dislikes: Allow you to rate an app at any time
Central ID: A place for you to Sign Up, Sign In, and Manage Your Account
Z-Apps: See apps you’re enrolled into
Material Design: Contains a Material Design so it looks good :smile::sunglasses:

Who’s Helping?

@Daaniiieel (Daniel) - Translator and Staff (Promoted Recently)
@FUTUREDEV (Miki) - Designer, Programmer, and Staff
@Nathan5226 (Nathan) - Programmer and Staff
and @R3M (Remi) - Translator

You can be here too if you wanna translate…

How Do I Get It?

When we update Amplify to follow Material Guidelines, you may come back and download!

Download the New Version here.


(Miki) and I have partnered on this to make it a bigger possibility and it has become that… We did this to give (Students, Adults, Children, and Programmers) the possibility to Update and Publish apps whenever they would like, without having to pay a fee. The fun part is, you can tell us your own Logo, Description, Developer Name, and Category for your App so that people can understand what it’s about.

What We Added Since Testing & The Sneak Peeks:

Public Release Notes - 1.0.0
• Removed Teal as the Secondary Color and Substituted with Blue
• Improved Data Logging
• Fixed Bugs
• Removed Auto Sign In
• Made all Logged Data visible in the Central Panel
• Central ID, Central Password, IP, and GDPR Acceptance Value are Logged
• Fixed Errors
• Added Background Notifications
• Added In-App Notifications
• Updated Database Security
• Added Runtime Permissions - Thanks to @Kodular
• Updated Logo, Slogan, Version, and Description
• Added Logo, Description, Developer, Category, App Name, Last Updated, Current Version to Download Center
• Added When Value Updated to In-App Notification Center
• Added Errors Not Found when value from Database cannot be found
• Added Like and Dislike counters (Dislike feature has been disabled due, to being able to spam dislikes and not good feedback, will be temporarily gone until fixed!)
• Added Download App
• Allowed smooth visibility on Run
• Changed border radius on cards to 7
• Added Account Manager button in TitleBar
• App Icons in the Download Center are now 100px by 100px
• Fixed Security Rules
• Added In-App Credits (You can earn them by using a valid Invite Code, more below)
• Added Italian Translations
• Added English Translations
• Added Invite Codes
• Add 50 Credits to your account when you enter a valid Invite Code
• Removed Download Counter
• Fixed SubTitle
• Fixed Sign In and Sign Up issues
• Fixed Unknown Crashes
• Added Open Download Folder after Download
• Changed Download Icon from Shop to Cloud_Download

If any bugs occur, Please report them to us! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

How Do I Get Updates?

You’ll receive a notification from In-App in the Notification Center and from the Background from One Signal letting you know you have an update for the Amplify App Store.

Note: You can re-download the latest APK for the Amplify App Store anytime by going to My Apps > Amplify > Press the download Icon

We Need Help:

If you wanna help Translate, don’t be afraid to contact (Miki) , as he will tell you what you can translate and he will tell you if the language you wanna translate is available! Him and i will keep in contact for your progress and communicate for which are free that you may translate. Understand that by using the Amplify App Store you agree to our GDPR (Please read it fully!) on the Sign Up section In-App! This value will be kept in a database online and will not be changed by any staff. If you have questions about the Amplify App Store, Please contact us here.

General Data Protection Regulation:

If the General Data Protection Regulation is subject to change, you will not be notified though will have to re-accept or decline it. We will use this to defend our fellow workers and staff.

We take staff and user privacy and safety very seriously at Amplify and will do whatever it takes to protect the data we receive. However, if asked by law enforcement for a certain type or amount of data as requested, we will require a warrant to give data away for a specified reason otherwise your data will be kept safe with us. If access to your data is denied and data is given by Google, they will face charges for invading user and staff privacy. We’re in charge of the data we’re given, not Google. If the user requests data we will require identity questions to get the user account back! Other data such as your Central ID, Central Password, IP Address, and GDPR Acceptance value can be found in the Central Panel!

All user data is downloaded at the end of each month, and those files are kept even if it’s not the current month!

© Amplify 2018


Installing it…

EDIT 1 : Installed, looks soooo good ! :heart_eyes_cat:

EDIT 2 : Signed up, that’s so simple and so good !


For the moment you have this topic to tell about your app. Don’t open another topic for it.

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This is the Makeroid forum. You get the space to show your apps. If your app is growing to big maybe you should open your own space on the web to ask for things or show your progress. Like i said, for the moment it is ok if you keep everything in one topic.


You dont have to make a reply here when every time you do something! Use your app for this

The Amplify comeback is close! Get ready for it! :sunglasses: :tada:



:closed_lock_with_key:- Feature locked (May not be removed by Staff)
:warning:- May not work or will have bugs
:exclamation:- Important/Special
:speech_balloon: - Appreciation/Thanks

Please note that some features still are experimental and some have been upgraded from that state to final! Also be aware that there is now an Impersonate feature for Admins that allow them to get access to your account, however they cannot see your password! You may be alerted if they hop into your account for a little to notice behavior your account may be experiencing if you’re reporting issues! By the way, the Upload feature was not able to be added and you must contact us at [email protected]

What’s New!

Public Release Notes - 0.1.1

:warning: Added Dark Mode
:card_index_dividers: Added tabs Account, Apps, Home, Settings, & Updates
:closed_lock_with_key:Added No Connection notice
:exclamation:Added Sign Up/Sign In to Screen1 (Google Authentication & Custom)
:warning:Changed Theme (Teal/Blue > Pink/Indigo or Gray/Pink)
:exclamation:Fixed Disaster on Screen1
:speech_balloon: We’ve taken @TurboProgramming’s redesign suggestions very seriously and have implemented them as much as possible!

We officially have a site! More things will be added within the months of Amplify ongoing. Visit here!
:exclamation:Downgraded 1.0.0 > 0.1.1
:exclamation:Upgraded 100 > 101
:warning: Upgraded Credits > Points

:exclamation:Security has been improved, added Google Auth & improved Custom Username
:warning: Now alerted if your account password was changed (Only with Google Authentication)

:exclamation:The developer is warned about possible downgrading if the upload process catches the app downgrading versions or packages
:bell: You’re now alerted when an app from the Store has an update
:white_check_mark: Every user starts with 0 Points unless you have done translations… See more below!
:closed_lock_with_key: Added suspend feature
:exclamation:Updated General Data Protection Regulation
:exclamation: Removed Account Data section
:exclamation:Added Account Creation date in the Account tab
:exclamation:Added Apps Installed
:warning: You may now search a Developer and receive his/her apps in a list to fetch details for
:speech_balloon: Thanks to @J.V.B, we’ve added Spanish! You’ll receive 200 Points when you Sign Up.
:speech_balloon: Thanks to @TurboProgramming, we’ve added Turkish! You’ll receive 200 Points when you Sign Up.
:speech_balloon: Thanks to @R3M, we’ve added French! You’ll receive 200 Points when you Sign Up.
:speech_balloon: Thanks to @Daaniiieel, we’ve added Hungarian! You’ll receive 200 Points when you Sign Up.

Please take notice that you cannot yet use Translations and they are being added!

Version: 0.1.1 - Codename: BeatStock (Download the New Version here.)


You may join us here - Telegram: Contact @AmplifyChannel… To find more updates that maybe incoming!

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This is not the place to give update logs

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Ok, well add the Change Log inside the app from now on.

While trying to singin or singup it showing this pls help

Please PM me to get your account situated, I’ll take a look.

I have looked more into it, and this issue will be fixed in the next release. It’s a problem with the way we use Passwords to Sign In and Sign Up Users with Google.

Error when i try to log in (its the first Time)

We are working on the new version, it’s a known error, but you need to wait till it’s released.

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Yes as @Daaniiieel said, were working on a New Version for Signin and Signup processes. It’s already done and ready for the Release.