An alarm clock with a choice of melodies

I want to make an alarm clock with the ability to select ringtones, a picture that will appear, and so on. And the funny thing is that I know how to implement this part. But the problem is at the very beginning.

I decided to use TaifunAlarm as the basis, then change the design and add the elements that I need (melodies, pictures and so on). But first, I just copied the test project from the extension page.

I built the apk from that project, did not add anything from myself. But when I tried to test it, I got the error “Error 601: No correspond activity was found.”

I set the date, click Set and then this error.

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Before answer your question, I make you another:
Do you want to create an alarm where your app will open when the time set comes even if your app is not being used?
Because if you do, I don’t think it is possible since kodular apps don’t work at background.


Well, generally speaking, yes, I want my alarm clock to work just like any other alarm clock. Otherwise, what’s the point in an alarm clock that won’t wake, haha? I mean, if it does not “hang” in the system tray, like my “native” (system) alarm clock, then such an alarm clock is unlikely to be useful to users.

However, in any case, I would like to know what is the cause of this error. I am a newbie, so I’m interested in understanding the details. Even if at the moment it is impossible to create what I want.

which device and Android version are you using for your tests?

I tried to test this application on the LDPlayer 4 emulator (Android 7.1). Now I launched this application on a ZTE smartphone (Android 7), but there was no such error.

Since you are the author of this extension, I would like to ask you. If I make an alarm on the basis of this extension, will it activate at the right time, like a usual alarm clock? Or is almeidapablo right when he writes that this is not possible at the moment?

I started to test the application and noticed that it automatically “communicates” with my system alarm clock, gives it the correct time and text. But at the same time, it itself will not appear at the right time, if I close it, right?

My idea was simple. At the right time, the user hears the tune that he/she has selected before, and sees the photo that he/she also selected before. Is it possible to implement this?

as you found out yourself, this will not work in an emulator


@almeidapablo said more or less, that you can’t start an app at a given time without other tools, which is correct

if you define an alarm at a given time, the alarm will start no matter if your app is open or not

this is possible

this is not possible, because you can’t start your app at a given time

only with the help of another app, for example Tasker



In principle, I can abandon the idea of ​​using pictures. And here are the melodies… So far, I don’t know how to do this, because the system alarm does not “see” my melodies. And is it possible to do this in principle? I mean that in my application there will be tunes that users will choose as an alarm clock ringtone. But at the same time, a user should not have access to these melodies. They should only be in my application.

Currently it turns out like this. A user sets my alarm. Then the system alarm goes off. It “takes” a notification from my alarm clock. But how can I send tunes from my alarm clock but without the ability to download them to the SD card of the user’s smartphone? That is, if the user uninstalls my application, the system alarm will no longer have access to my tunes.

this is not possible
the default alarm app of your device must be able to access the sounds to play them, so they have to be copied to somewhere on the internal sdcard


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Thank you for the answer.

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