An App To Send Text With QR Codes

I made a simple app to send and receive text via QR codes called Local Send on Kodular. When receiving text there is the added option to automatically copy the text or attempt to load it in a web-view. It is available on the Play Store at this link: and here is the APK localsend1.2.0.apk (5.1 MB), as well as the AIA: local_send (1).aia (28.6 KB). Currently QR codes cannot be generated without an internet connection but I may be able to fix that based on the suggestion provided to me here: Generate QR Code Without Internet.

Special thanks to Pura Vida apps for their clipboard extension and My simple 'Night Mode' extension.


Looks like a nice app. How about sharing a few screenshots in this topic for us to see?

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Here are some screenshots:


You can. For a long time.