An app which is on Google Play Store vs Your app has not been approved..!

hello Kodular,
first check this screenshots


as you can see my new app ask me to request activation of ads in my app

and after doing that in the ads panel :

i see an alert said: An app which is on Google Play Store does not need to be approved by us!

what i should doing guys in order to make my app showing admob ads!!


And you have really read all?!

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Use an app which has alredy been uploaded on play store, and not an apk from your sd card

If you want ads to be displayed

do you talk about this announcement!

but i can’t upload to google play store an app with an alert who has popup always in every screen the user open !!

they may suspensioned it

Once it has been released on play store, you will not experience permission request

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that’s mean the popup alert will disappear after the submition, right!

Yes, but only if the app was downloaded from play store


ok thank you, what about the keystore ! how i can get it from kodular

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