An equivalent of APK Editor Studio for AAB

Hello fellow developers, lots of love from Kenya.
Now I have an app in Play Store that I developed with Kodular last year, since the app had so many files in the assets folder it was not possible to compile directly from Kodular so I could export the APK with less than 10 assets and then use APK Editor Studio to add the remaining contents into the app, sign and recompile ready to be deployed on Play Store.

Now I would like to switch to AAB as that is the future of android apps, but how will I edit the AAB file and add the extra contents in the assets folder? Is there anything like AAB Editor Studio somewhere even with a different name?

I’ve searched the community and all over the internet with no luck, or perhaps it’s there with some name that I couldn’t think of.

Please help, thanks and happy codding.

I have gone through the discussions that you have linked above but they doesn’t provide a solution to my problem though I get the concept being developed around them.

Anyone please, is it possible to edit aab file using a software the same way we edit apk files using apk editor studio?