An extension for Anagram

An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of a different word or phrase,

com.appybuilder.zchartsak.Anagram.aix (7.1 KB)

The extension output is a list of all anagrams from word in textbox block
and therefore i used listview to display the result

For example if in textbox block “abc”
the list will be;


I asked you to edit your other topic. Could you please show Kodular blocks also.

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This extension can be known to get possible outcomes from string or int

This extension is not good and working properly
Same thing is getting written also bracket is showing…

Don’t blame the extension. Make sure you had the right block in your project. Post your blocks here.

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As I said.
You’re giving a list to the input however, you should give a string in it.
Use join block and join the text of all three textboxes then pass it to the input instead of adding them in list.


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I have already done that but still there are so many problems, it’s creating extra blank list also If I try to create word from more than 8 letters it takes so much time and shows error. I want to create 15 or 20 words from the letters not more than that is it possible?

Sorry to say, but it is nowhere fair to blame extension after doing so much wrong things with logic.


See this is the logic I have used so tell my mistake I will correct it.

@Sandhya_Halder Did you read this?

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Most of the programs which generate anagrams put a limt for the number of angrams that can be generated
As far as i know the number of anagrams for 9 letters is 362880 items and apparently it is too much for the capacity of the android.
Maybe i have to put a limit in my extension.

Please add a block to limit the number of words can be created also again when load more clicked will load a little more.

That’s up to you. You can hide few items while creating list, and make them visible on button click.

Can you tell me how to do it? Also I want it to load faster so wants to load less…