An update from Kodular Staff

Hello, with everything configured correctly, I still get this message when opening the app. I tried to put it in test mode and the message still occurs. Could you help me to solve this problem, because I have already done everything.

If you want to show ads on an app that is not published on Google Play, you have to get an approval from Kodular. Get the approval from Kodular or Publish your app in store.

thanks for the reply, i thought this was resolved with admanager approval. But I went to see in projects and it says as not approved yet.

But how will the remuneration of ads on google play work, if kodular is as an intermediary?
And even in test mode of admanager this error occurs, it shouldn’t…

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This error appears on this situation:
App published in Google play, app aprovaled for kodular but you installa APK file , p.e., to test it in your phone.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to remove the ads

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This used to work when it was available Admob ads because it was a main component, but after canceling it, you must agree to be linked to Google ads

The main problem is that you remove the Admob components without solving the problems of Google Ads, so most users are upset and worried
It was necessary to keep Admob until all Google Ads problems are resolved or add Google Ads components as Admob components without approval and the problems arising from the long wait in vain
If this continues for a long time, everyone will look for other platforms -


Perfect, I spent a year fixing the admob problems, now that I was finally earning a few dollars everything has changed and the headache has returned, for now creating an app is a long-term investment.

App development was, it still is and will be a long term investment! Try investing your time and effort on right project.

Kodular is the best platform to make apps, i think no-code is the future and this company can beat everyone and make their dominance in the market. If someday I have so much money then I’ll really invest in this company, you guys are amazing :kodular:

make the constructor in the form of a program (codular.exe) so that the user can install it on his computer

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I was going to add this point but you already did, I too really want something like this and I am even ready to pay!

Are we still able to use Google Admob after the Update?

If “NO” does the Google Ad Manager is better than Google Admob? and Why?

-Thank You <3


I really like Kodular, and I hope that the next update will bring new functions or improve what it already has.

  1. Network - Upload and download speed
  2. InAppUpdate - Has no documentation on this.
  3. Rating Bar - Can increase or decrease size “if possible”
  4. SideMenu Bar - Using in Companion it always crash after PROJECT restart twice “EVEN EMPTY”
  5. CircularProgress - If possible, new animations.

There are others, however at the moment I don’t remember. Make some developers to be able to include some partnership with Kodular, this will make everyone happy!


this is great to hear looking forward to what you guys bring to the platform

Thanks for everthing Diego. Just an advice. Is it possible to send an email to all users when such a big announcement is going to be made. (Especially situations that we have to make changes)
I try to look up community everyday but I could miss it.

Keep on guys. We love you.


Thanks. I hope to look again in admob ads component or let us choice to manage ads appearance in ad Manager. We do not want to appear bad ads on our apps.


i think it’s a pity that you removed google admob, i didn’t want to use google ad manager. I like that Google continues to pay me the income I’ve earned from advertising. and not that you do it.

if this continues I will switch to nitron

with every update Kodular gets worse,

It’s going to continue so goodbye and good luck wherever you go.

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why do you want us to switch to ad manager .