Analysis Error Error de Analisis de Paquete

Good morning to all the members of this wonderful community, My problem is the following I am working with an app which in the tests works perfectly, however when I Compile and Generate the APK, when trying to install it on the Cell phone it throws the following Error, App Store. “Analysis error. An error occurred during the analysis of the package” … That error came to me recently when Kodular was updated to version 1.4C.4, previously it was installed without problem. Thanks for helping

Please I need your help every time I make an apps in Kodular and try to install it, it throws the following ERROR, “ANALYSIS ERROR”, An error occurred during the analysis of the package. Please what can I do since it only gives me when I do with Kodular

Wrong package name

How to understand ‘wrong package name’?
Unfortunately i have same error, in Package Name i wrote title of my app? Is it wrong? What should be there? Or leave it blank?
I just came from App Invetor2 and that feature is new to me.

AI2 PackageName: appinventor.ai_email.appName
AI2 example: appinventor.ai_bodymindpower.Relax

In Kodular set the packageName to (example):

if you want to update your already published (AI2) app in the Play Store.

Thank you Anke for answer.
I would like to specify - so far i don’t migrate any apps from AI2, just want to creat new one in Kodular. So should i make Package name also as your example - appinventor.ai_email.appName? Or is there different way?

Then you can take every packageName you like:
or simply leave the field empty, then the standard packageName will be assigned.

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Ha! When i left it empty it didn’t work either.

But today i reopen the project and changed two things:

  • Set Android version to 6 (which probably do nothing as i tried it ealier)
  • i unchecked ‘RTL Support’ (i don’t know why i checked it initially because i don’t know what it does).

Now app works so i can work on it again.
Thanks for your commitment.