Analytics of my app

I want to display complete analytics of my app performance like

  1. Registered users.
  2. Active users.
  3. Is there any crash reports.
  4. complete information about users.
  5. firebase analytics.
  6. admob analytics.

And many more analytics. Is there any extension or any alternate way to do this. Please suggest me any solution.

Are you going to publish the app on play store. Then it is all available there.

Use Flurry Analytics Extension, Draco (Flurry Analytics)

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yes I will upload it on play store but i want to display analytics in a specific app

let me try it

Then this might be good option…

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@shiva-sandupatla when you got the solution you must mark it. So others also know about it.

@themaayur sure i will mark the solution, but i didn’t got the solution.
my question is I want to display that total analytics in my another app

The above total analytics should display in my another where I can monitor my users from it.

Simpley take a webview and add this link. I think so this might be the solution.

oh gosh! Just mark it as solution… you will see the Add App+ options… All you need is in the flurry dashboard screenshot you send

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I’ll see what I can do about your request @shiva-sandupatla

Thanks @hammerhai. I am waiting for your solution.

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Well there is no solution for now, as you can just use the extension, however I said I will take a look into your request and see what I can do.


There should be no difficulty in adding metrics from your app with the extension in the next update.

There Is App Of Flurry Analytics In Play Store Download It And You Will Get The Analytics In The App

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