Draco (Flurry Analytics)

Draco is here to provide a FREE experience with Flurry Analytics to provide Crash Analytics, just how many people use your app, and how many times it’s been opened since the current day!


StartAnalytics(arg0) - In the arg0 area or otherwise known as directly shown “key,” is your API Key provided to you when adding your app to Flurry. It even shows when you’re in the Companion! This can go anywhere in your blocks. How do I access Flurry? It’s located at https://dev.flurry.com/.

LogEvent(arg0) - In the arg0 area or otherwise know as directly shown “name,” is the name of an event you would like logged to Flurry. This can be used to log how many times people have pressed a button in your app. Details to find how these events can be found at the docs of Flurry.

io.github.kodedscorpius.draco.aix (476.2 KB)
The version code is 0 because the LogEvent(arg0) sometimes does not register to Flurry. Once this is fixed, it will be bumped to 1. This could be because events can’t be logged while in the Companion.


Wow, it looks really interesting :thinking:

Very simple to use indeed!

I think word ‘Draco’ can be a problem.
Am i right @Kodular ?


Is only Kodular entitled to using the constellations?

They didn’t say anything about Chameleon so I don’t think so :thinking:

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Nathan can use it.
There is no problem with that.

We dont own this word


Can we demand a tutorial?

I just woke up, we’ll see l8r

Interesting. Thank you, Nathan.

  1. Import the Draco Flurry Analytics extension into your app.
  2. Start by going to Flurry Analytics if you already have an account, if not, create one.
  3. Go to https://creator.kodular.io and create a new app or get the name of an existing one.
  4. After you finish creating your new app or getting the name of an existing one you would like to add “Flurrylytics” to, click New App on Flurry Analytics.
  5. Select Android
  6. Enter your app name, agree to not having children younger than 13 on your app and the TOS.
  7. Just click through the arrows to the right, until it shows you your API key on the table.
  8. Copy your API key and put it as a string with the StartAnalytics block from the Draco Flurry Analytics extension. Use a timer of at least 500ms and put it under there.
  9. Then go to Flurry Analytics, select + App at the top and choose your app.
  10. Compile your app, then start it and see the magic happen!

I did figure out, if you would like to use the LogEvents block, it must be used in your compiled app and not the Companion, otherwise it won’t work.

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this appear after compiling my test apk

i just test it, do i have done wrong here. Please correct me
MODERATION: Removed image with sensitive data

Clear your cookies of Flurry and sign back in, that’s an issue when you’ve selected your app, but then deleted it. It might not be, but it was in my case.