Linking firebase to kodular

I had linked the kodular to firebase . But i dint know what to do with Project and app as mentioned in firebase . Is this admob linked with firebase .
Can someone help regarding this .
Thanking U in advance .


hey , i solved it . Is this how the analytics looks like after linking the firebase to kodular ?

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You can’t see analytics when you link firebase db with kodular.You will only see the realtime database.If you want to add analytics for your app ( not from firebase )
Use this extension:

Hi, its better if you watch some basic tutorial videos of using firebase in Kodular.

And also you can’t use firebase analytics in Kodular.

The video handler said we can edit the package name on our own . Afterwards , enter the package name in admob settings and u can link the firebase by giving the project name (where i had already a firebase db in my app developed in kodular ) . I had done accordingly with respect to video .

Sorry, I didn’t understand you.

This was the Solution ?

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Yes . I had done according to wt he said . As i had already used the firebase db in my app with a project name and authentication key . Afterwards , I saw another video and it described how i need to link the admob with firebase . Hence i typed in the project name and app as mentioned in the video . When i clicked the analytics , i went straight to the dashboard of firebase as i shown in my previous post . I am new to this and thats y i asked .

So, friend, the solution was the one I posted. :slightly_smiling_face:

okay , ThaNK u

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