Draco (Flurry Analytics)

Ok, but why discontinued. There are not any alternative extensions to use in flurry. You could make it Open Source for others to develop

This is Flurry Analytics, not a place where all Flurry services are in one extension. There would be nothing to add to it, so there’s not point in making it open-source.

Thank you.

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Ok. then. But please don’t stop solving issues and problems

Oct 1st, 2020

As it seems that a few miss Draco (and some who would like steps simplified, I understand), it will be coming back on Oct 1st, 2020 with new bug fixes and features.


That’s great @hammerhai I am using it sins I got to know about it and after hearing about its discontinuing that’s in expected thank again for making it and to not shut it down completely.

:dragon_face: 2020-10 escaped the Lab :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Unfortunately notes on the subject weren’t taken, so I have to go over the genetics with you :grinning:

  • A new OnSessionStarted event
    • This event is executed when Flurry has registered your API key as valid or the activity started.
  • A new EndTimedEvent function
    • If you’ve previously used the StartTimedEvent function with parameters “event” and “parameters” then you can use EndTimedEvent!
      • When using the StartTimedEvent it will capture the vent duration, along with the event name and parameters!
      • Parameter “event” is meant to be an identifier to what you want to log.
      • Parameter “parameters” is meant to be additional information on the event you want to log. Use a dictionary with the key being a parameter name and the value being… anything!
      • There’s a max of 10 parameters (or keys when you’re using a dictionary).
  • A new GetSessionId function
    • Returns a unique session id.
  • A new GetTimedEvents function
    • This will return event names registered by StartTimedEvent.
  • A new IsSessionActive function
    • Returns if Flurry has registered your API key as valid or the activity has started.
  • An enhanced LogEvent function
    • It has the same parameters as the StartTimedEvent block, however has the same function as the previous LogEvent function with the addition to parameters.
  • An enhanced and renamed SetApiKey function
    • You can now put this under any block, anywhere!
  • The package name is now com.github.stormifire.draco even though this project is not on Github

How to find my events?

* Events can take up to 24 hours or longer to show.

  • Go to Flurry Analytics
  • Depending on your device, there will be 5 outlined boxes at the top
  • Click one that says “+ EVENT
  • Select your event

How to find my events WITH parameters?

* Events WITH parameters can take up to 24 hours or longer to show.

  • Go to Flurry Analytics
  • There should be 1 outlined box under “PARAMETER VALUES
  • Click the one that says “+ EVENT PARAM VALUE
  • Select your parameter (The event name will show on the third line of the item list, the value will show on the first line)

How to find the real-time analytics?

* Real-time analytics may not be available upon adding Draco to your application. Please wait 24 hours or less for results to appear.

  • Go to Flurry Analytics
  • Depending on your device, there will be 5 outlined boxes at the top
  • Click one that says “+ APP
  • Select the application you have Flurry registered for

Why are events not logging in the Companion?

It’s not possible to do so.

Why are real-time analytics not working in the Companion?

Look at “Why are events not logging in the Companion?

Leave the Lab!

com.github.stormifire.draco.aix (433.8 KB)


First of all,
Congratulations for the new update

why did you said that?, remove that post


A Update after a long, Great :clap:

Wow :smiley: New update.
I will now use this extension.
Because of event parameters.

Do you have a plan for Firebase Analytics?

Not at the moment, but I can check it out tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: If I do get it working, then I will merge it with Draco and make adjustments to make sure both Flurry and Firebase will be supported :eyes:

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Thank you very much.
I recommend to keep it a separate extension.
Don’t mix both services into one extension
One extension for Flurry Analytics.
Another for Firebase Analytics.

Can you exaggerate more on why you would like this as a separate extension?

Well, I am comfortable with separate extension.
It’s your wish.
2 SDKs increase the size of the extension.
It increases complexity. You get more bugs and more time to resolve them.


Finally it’s been updated after a long time great work thank you @hammerhai


@hammerhai Please add this feature to count page views.

Right, then we will may not be able to use the extension properly, which is not very good.

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Here’s the thing. I don’t receive any reports of bugs with my extensions… In fact, many others who I have had individually test my extensions have reported more issues than people who’ve gotten the extension from a public topic. It seems that people will only report issues if there’s not a workaround.

Hello, any updates for Firebase Analytics?

Appreciate your work and the fact that your extensions are good & free :slight_smile:


Yes, there are a few issues, but I’m taking care of them slowly.


Events are not logging and I’cant start timed event. I’ve waited for two days but events are not logged.