How to use Flurry Analytics?

i have got this extension by searching in Kodular community. Draco (Flurry Analytics)
I searched the community but didn’t find the way to use this extension. I have few questions regarding to it which are;

  1. Is it necessary to place flurry analytics in all the screens or I should use it only in Screen1?
  2. What is the session in it and when does it start and end?

What about asking in the extension’s topic :thinking:


I haven’t tried it on all screens, but you can! You only need to place it on Screen1.

The session will start when the activity where Draco has been placed has become visible and Flurry registers your API key valid. The session will end when the app has been closed.

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Is the session started when I use the following block?
Also if I log an event in each screen then do I get to know that in which part(screen) of the app the user is?
What does parameters do in the above block?


You can look through the post for that.

I found following text in flurry’s support page. What does it mean in the context of Kodular?

  1. image
  2. image

Also, does it mean that its safe to call builder in all screen?
3. image

Source: Integrate Flurry SDK for Android - Yahoo Developer Network