Match the icon - A puzzle game created with Kodular

First of all I would like to say thanks to Kodular and it’s amazing community. I made this game with Kodular in 10 days, during the development I got stuck few times but every issue I faced were already solved in this community so that’s also the reason that this is my first post in the community :smiley:


Game Play
The idea is to memorize the places of each icon for few seconds, then all the icons will be disappeared and you will have to select the place of random icon picked by the game. You will have 4 seconds to select the place otherwise the game will be over. If you select correct place in the 1st second, you will get 4 score and so on 1 score will reduce with each second. Also you get 1 coin with each correct answer and coin earning value can be increased when your score increases from 20 (2x coins), 50 (3x coins) and 100 (4x coins). Coins can be used to buy icon packs from the in-game icon shop. Icon packs includes the following

  1. Fruits
  2. Animals
  3. Vehicles
  4. Sport equipment
  5. Colors
  6. Emojis

Extensions Used

  1. Draco

Components Used

  1. Player - For Main menu and Gameplay music
  2. ExoPlayer - For audio effects when user correct or incorrect the answer
  3. Facebook Ads - For showing ads
    and some other must-have components.

Google Play

Bugs & Suggested Features
If you find any bugs in the game or want to suggest any feature, please let me know in the comments or send me an email (mentioned in the game). I will list down all known bugs and upcoming features here so there won’t be any repetition.

  1. Leaderboard - I had implemented Google Play Games Leaderboard but due to account termination the leaderboard is not working, So I will fix it in the next update.

Thanks again.


Congrats. keep it up


@Waseem_Gul It’s a very nice game just the colours appear to be somewhat plane…
Rest is awesome :+1:

That’s really awesome…

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Thanks a lot, I will focus on the UI in next update

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Good job keep it up

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