Need to integrate Appsflyer

Need to integrate

I pay for it

It is possible with but there are some disadvantages of using it.

  • The app size will increase 2 to 3 times.

  • If you are using ads from Enhance, they will serve their own ads in your app after some time.

  • You can only publish your app as an apk file, aab file is not supported

About Enhance Ads, Actually they will pay you for their ads but the eCPM is very low (like $0.01 - $0.05) and the quality of ads are also bad (sometimes an interstitial ad can be of 45s)


A good service, I use it for facebook integration. But appsflyer doesn’t work there
I do not use it for displaying ads. I use it for analytics

Unfortunately, there is no way to integrate analytics in kodular

Yes, there is such analytics, but the apps are advertised via facebook

to do this, need to integrate the facebook sdk

Draco have no deffered deep link and facebook events and etc

I have used AppsFlyer and it is working perfectly with Enhance

Hi @kuronokeynew,

Creator of Draco here :grin:, I can reassure you that Draco will fulfill your needs where possible. It does not provide you with ads integration, and none of my extensions ever will, but with analytics as you said you wanted. To get started with Draco, visit this post.


thank you, nice extension. I’m already using it. But there is 1 nuance when you advertise on Facebook. nee use SDK FACEBOOK

I recommend finding somewhere else to advertise on. Facebook is not the best choice of them all.

Yes, but All advertising networks require any analytics (appsflyer, appmetrica)