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When will be firebase analytics available on Kodular?

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Firebase analytics is already present in our apps. When we build our app firebase analytics is as well implemented in the app by the builder to study and report crashes.

But you can not use it, it will only used by kodular creators to study app crash to fix them.

For your own analytics use draco (flurry)analytics extension.

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Then why Kodular does not provide us a dashboard to view the Analystic. Atleast total downloads and crashes.

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Kodular use analytics in our apps… but not sure which analytics they use
They use for improvement of Kodular…
They may not provide you a dashboard

They have the topic “Bugs in Kodular” Here where they share us all encountered bugs and fix them.

Actually only one firebase analytics account is there and it is of Kodular using it and we dont have access of it.

This all information is shared by them in a post, but i cant find it.

Its firebase analytics.

How do you know?

plz read reply before posting new reply :grinning:

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