Free Rock Radio

Free Rock Radio


With this application you will find new Rock Music, of various genres, from artists who have decided to offer their work under free licenses so that we can all enjoy it.
Online radio with music released under Creative Comons and Public Domain licenses.


App Store:



Have you used any extension? If yes, then it’s a good practice to credit them along with their name

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It would be better to add extension list in post that you are using in your application


Hi, thanks for your suggestion. Info updated.

thank you for using the headset extension
keep up the good work!

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where is le Aia? thank you

Which player do you use (Player, ExoPlayer, TaifunPlayer extension, …)?
If your app doesn’t use KeepScreenOn, means can also play in the background, please post the APK, I’ll check it …

it is not a must to post aia, as it is not open-source. Forcing others to give aia is not appropriate.


so why write radio rock free

Because the app/the radio is free to listen.
No one said the aia is free, not it is provided.

if not where is the link to apk?

I beg your pardon.