Online Music Player with timer and seekbar (Paid Aia)

What is the name of your app?



  1. Show songs with listview, Song Name and Artist name.
  2. Download online music .
  3. loop option .
  4. Next song and Back song option .
  5. Play and Pause music .
  6. Loading before song load .
  7. No paid extension used .
  8. current time and total time .


DateTools Thx @vknow360 :heart:

ScreenShots :

Video :

Database :

I used

Airtable For storing and calling data .

cloudnary for storing songs

APK for testing : MK_MusicPlayer (6.25 MB)

AIA (Paid) : contact me on Kodular (( Pay via Paypal ))


Thx kodular Developers for this great platform And I wish you success always :heart: :heart:



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@Taifun HERE

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I want to buy it qq