Professional Online music player made with kodular

Online Music Player with offline features

This app is an online music streaming app with seek bar . You can select the album or artist. There is also a search bar where you can search for a particular song. You can also download the song.
There is also an offline features where you can listen to the songs you downloaded when you down have internet.

splash screen

Artist list

song list

search for a particular song

main screen with download,seek bar, repeat etc

side bar

test apk

app demo

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Nice app…
But don’t post your email here, use pm feature to contact each other

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It’s paid or free

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I want to buy it zzz

You just revived a 2 year old thread. The last time the developer was around here was in jan 2020. So I don’t think you will have luck here. Also many things have changed in Kodular and Android versions that may not fit.