How to create offline playlist

How can i create offline playlist system?
Like this
dsyebgognriMyFavourites -----------------------------------------------> User id+userinput

Name: Naam
Artist: Tulsi Kumar & Millind Gaba
Album: Naam -------- -------------------> Tag and Values
Image url: ----------------------------
Song url: ----------------------------

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You mean for your user app or admin app?

my user app

ok, then your total app will be offline?

yes its offline

ok, which type of app are you making?

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offline music player

means affter completely playing a song will it loop or play another song

When any user click ‘add to playlist btn’
I want to store the value

ok plaease give me your aia file

Gaan.aia (840.0 KB)

@Nimai_Ghosh2 You can use Meta Data Component

I want to save the song path, name and image.
Like in firebase database there i can save but its work only in online i want to save offline.

Use Sqlite .

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Thank you so much

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