Four working examples SQLite Extension

Four working examples SQLite Extension
SQLite_Taifun.apk (4.9 MB)

SQLite_Bennedum.aia (78.6 KB)
SQLite_Bennedum.apk (5.0 MB)

SQLite_Pedroza.aia (30.3 KB)
SQLite_Pedroza.apk (4.9 MB)

SQLite_Kodular.aia (9.4 KB)
SQLite_Kodular.apk (4.9 MB)


Thanks. But are all these extensions free? If not I don’t think you should be distributing the aia files with them.

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Yes, Taifun SQLite Extension is paid $ 12.
I respect the work of Taifun and therefore did not publish the aix file.
It does not seem possible to save the aix file from the aia file. But I realized that you could just change the aia file for your needs (though in such an application SQLite Extension will only work on Screen1). So I delete aia file from extension from Taifun.

SQLite Extension by Tab Bennedum and Carlos Pedroza are free.

Tab Bennedum / frdfsnlght

Carlos Pedroza / carlospedroza27

And in SQLite_Kodular.aia there is no extension at all.
So I think I can share these three aia files.

For all four aia files I took screenshots of blocks.
This will make it easier for people to work and they won’t spend much time researching like I do.

I will say that I liked Taifun SQLite Extension the most (nothing extra, it works fine).
Extension Kodular and Pedroza show “Done” messages required, although I don’t use the message block.
Extension Bennedum returns “” in response to the SELECT command, which must be removed further.
Basically the most detachment in response to the SELECT command.


sometimes i forgot what sqlite ext i used, this post help me to remember, thank you :+1::sparkles:

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thank you this helps me a lot

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