How to go about a task manager algorithm

Please, what best algorithm can be used in this case?

I am trying to create an task management app.
So, I’m trying to create a dictionary of the task name, task description and time in each dictionary and store each dictionary in a list.

How do i go about it?
Or what better way do you think I should do it.

Thanks in anticipation.

yes, you can do it like this… just try it, it is a great learning experience…
my preferred way is using databases… so I would choose the sqlite component to store more complex data



Thanks so much Taifun…

I have a question concerning using SQLite database.
Does the data clears when the app is quit?
(It is an offline app)

No… same as TinyDB…

Thanks Taifun​:blush:


But just this information? What is the purpose of your app?

It is a task manager app…

Where user inputs tasks for the day and it saves it it and reminds user when it is time for a particular task.

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Date + Time …
Remember to create a routine to repeat a task during a certain period : one medicine for N days… one payment slip for N months…

Complementing @Taifun Taifun’s tip :