Error when using the latest update

DeepHost MYSQL_Database extension not work …

Hello @Hassomi_Hassomi
Deep host extensions not supporter here

It was working fine before the update
Kodular Fenix ​​1.5.4

My application is completely dependent on the sql database… What I do now?

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Regarding companion error do you use companion’s latest version 1.5.4 ?

Yes I have updated it to the latest version

…and have you set minimum SDK in project settings ?

I have created an empty demo app and the same problem appears when I add deephost extensions

Here in the community we don’t support DeepHost’s extensions, you should try and contact the developer

I am facing same issue.

If you use SQL extension then remove it

where I found SQL Extension?

You said you are facing same issue and topic was related to DeepHost’s extension. Is this your problem or not ?

Have any Mysql Extention else deephost?

Besides Kodular’s default component

when remove deephost mysql extension then working fine but my application is depend on this extension.

Then :point_down: :point_down:

how to connect sql lite with my php?its possible?