I have a problem with component SQLite

I have a problem with component SQLite. The component is not working. No working example?

please elaborate
see also


SQLite from Thomas Bennedum - working example!

(edit by Taifun:) to download the extension follow this link GitHub - frdfsnlght/aix-SQLite: AppInventor extension for SQLite please always link to the extension rather than copying it…
SQLiteTest.aia (80.8 KB)
SQLite_instruction_(RU).pdf (775.9 KB)

I looked for a working example of PedrozaSQLite in Google and on this forum in different topics and did not find it.

SQLite extension - Extensions - AppyBuilder - there is no working example.

I don’t understand why it was necessary to add an unverified extension without a working example to the Kodular.

Taifun, are you still selling your SQLite extension?


yes of course

Four working examples SQLite Extension