How to get crash logs of my app

Hi, my app sometimes crashes when I perform a pick image function.
It doesn’t always do it, it happens that I do it only once and then it works correctly, or once yes and once not, or for several consecutive times.
I have tried in many ways to discover the nature of these crashes but have not succeeded.
Is there an extension or component that allows me to save the reason why my app at some point goes to freeze and I have to stop it manually (crash logs)?
These are the blocks concerning the portion of the app that causes the crash, they perform a simple function of pick in the gallery and crop the image, but the crash occurs before reaching the blocks dedicated to the crop.

Use this extension for get logs of your app.

Check this:

Huh! It is for analytics, @andreapetricola Wants to see the logs of app to check why it crashed,


Exactly man, ty

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I suggest you to go to and upload you app and test, I also inspect my apps with it. There is a logcat available there

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I tried to use that site, but there my app works correctly without errors, like in the Kodular companion, so I keep looking for extensions or components that can allow me to logcat with the app directly

So very precisely you have missed my post