My app is crashing

Hi Developers, i make a app in Kodular " QR Code Scanner " But my is crashing when i export & install for checking i check all components nothing is empty So can anyone Help me to solve this issue i also attached Video.
There are more than 50 hits if you search the community. So there is really no need to open a new topic about the same question. I am sure you will find your answer if you study some of the posts.
And this is the most common topic about crashes:

Good luck!

Most of the users say that they checked everything. If you are sure then use logcat to find what causes the crash.


Can you check me I’ll send you aia in pm

Send it and I will give it a look

…and suddenly it turns out that he has empty fields in his Screen settings just as mentioned within the given Links… just a guess

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Logcat showed unbound location null in one screen, image picker with no text description :slight_smile:

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