And internal error has occured

first i got this error and i thought that may be because of extensions , so i removed one
after that also bug continues. what is bug,when all it happens is included in this video

(due to max size video is uploaded here)

@Kodular i reported bug

@Boban i saw your reply and i in a post and i set that like that. but still error

extensions i use is provided in the video

here is aia
havhamonile.aia (215.4 KB)

I’ve posted aia
So anyone find reason for the error can solve it there

(The persons I mentioned have solved more errors which is similiar to those)

In the aia above an extensions is missing Alpha Dialog, after this I’m not able to proceed as there is a Firebase component and the google-service.json file is missing, by removing the Firebase component it builds without a issue…

Done can you please share the available aia @Boban

Just install the missing extension, then reload the creator and you done…

Ok,will try
I can import extension but not see blocks and designer part

Thanks @Boban
My heartbeat was almost stopped when i couldn’t open my largest project ever

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