Android 10 App Installer with KIO4Install not working

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Had the same problem with the permssions but I don’t use KIO4Install

my solution for direct downloading and installing:

  • install APK Editor Studio
  • open (decompile) your apk
  • goto Open Contents
  • find your AndroidManifest.xml and open it with your favourite editor
  • add <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES"/> underneath the other permissions
  • add android:requestLegacyExternalStorage=“true” to the application tag
  • change to Target SDK 28 or 29 in the Manifest window
  • save your apk

That’s what worked on my problem, now I can download AND install new updates on my Android 10 device. BTW, I don’t upload to Play Store.


I have updated the com.KIO4_install_v2.aix version, it works for me on Android 9.
In Android 10 I have not tested it.

You can download and try com.KIO4_install_v2.aix from:

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Instead of provide 2 extensions… Why dont you create just one extension and make there android version checks?
It would be much easier for people to use then your extension.

Ty :smiley: and after completing the download do you use the activity starter to start the installation?

Tested on Android 10, not working (see the screenshot)

yes, as described here

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i am very new here .
how do i setup for scoped storage for android 10 and eventually 11
can a link be added this has to have been asked

I have updated the extension, I have not tested it on all versions, but I think it should work on Android, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. On Android 10 it doesn’t work.

It is com.KIO4_Install_v3.aix

not working on android 9

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@vardandevelopersassociati I moved your anwer into the correct thread…
did you use the latest version 3 of the extension, see here?


@gleminem1 @vardandevelopersassociati

Are you using your own package name as the error message in the image looks familiar.

If so try with default package name

i have changed my custom package name ,if i change again it to default i will find other issue