Android 5.0 image click doesn't work

In the new release image clic doesn’t work and so image shadow. I’ m
using samsung s4 with android 5.0

Please show your blocks and if possiple aia and apk file.
Btw… We have nothing changed on the image component^^

Simple ‘when image clic’ ‘setimagevisibility’ to ‘false’.image has shadow set on

Please show your blocks.
What I have read from your text doesn’t make sense.

Ok,i now haven’ t computer with me.i’ll do later.Thanks ,however, Mika

Allright I will answer later again when you have send the preview :slight_smile:


The image component has no shadow option.

All what you do is following:
You make the image on a image click not visible.

Sorry Mika its my error.i confused button shadow
Do not exist image shadow

:smiley: no problem.

By the way:
The button border shadow option works only for devices api >= 21 means Android 5.

And here you will see what the new “Border Shadow” option do:
Button1 = Border shadow - false
Button2 = Border shadow - true

And as I said there is no shadow option for the image component.

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On my nexus 5x with android 8.1 beta there is no difference if i set the shadow or not. It’s always with shadow.

Well then there must be a issue on android 8.1 beta.

I can not find a information that the method does not work on api 27: