Hey Recently i made an app with kodular. now my vivo s1 pro phone show that this app has malicious and can be stolen you data virus name shows android:evo-gen

Did you search the forum? Kodular doesn’t contain a virus. It is always the virusscanner that is in error. Report it to the virusscan developer that it is mistaken.


ok but how i fix it because if i didn’t play console will ban my app

Hi there

I have the same problem, cannot find a solution.

@Peter when i download modular starter, my antivirus delete it automatically and shows it has blocked some virus.

I thought there is a fault with my antivirus, then I check with the virus totally, it detected a Trojan!! I need Answer for this!! Even my antivirus delete starter automatically!! WHen try to using when creator, it’s gets delete by my antivirus.

Just turn off your antivirus software while using modular starter

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It’s not the case, it contains Trojan!

I thinks this happen because the software sends data through the usb (writing files into Makedroid folder) and take some control over the phone.

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