Android Kiosk App

Hello Everybody, I am looking for a way to create a kiosk app using advanced extensions and / or features or components. I am looking for some extensions that prevent the user from leaving the app or pressing the recent apps / overview button, prevent swiping from the navigation bar and status bar / notification shade, block apps, and draw over other apps. I rarely use Android Studio and I don’t know a lot Java or any other advanced programming language like that. Is it possible to build a kiosk app using an MIT AI2 based platform like Kodular?

who would want to use an app like that, on their device ?

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I fail to understand the sole purpose of this “Kiosk App”???

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It could be helpful for little children so they don’t press the wrong buttons or for businesses to have an app for their workers that is always on front without any chance of being closed.

There is sample codes available

but i don’t think without some outside tinkering it would be possible with Kodular yet.


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