android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE ERROR


I did a device info application. But it doesn’t support add-ons api 26. No automatic confirmation of approval is coming. The screen pitch presents the android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE error. I solved this mistake myself. But the problem is that the error message appears before the automatic permission warning is received.

You should really show your blocks…

Here are the blocks, how do I block that error message? Before the confirmation warning arrives.

Not working block : errr this figure does not ask for permission.

Workig block. This shape comes with confirmation confirmation.

The block “Ask for permission” works only if the extension have all these permissions in itself.


Extensions cannot automatically request these permissions. That’s why he’s making a mistake. The application needs to allow permissions manually. I have also placed these shapes in blocks for automatic permission. You can try the extensions. imei and serial number are unresponsive in the invocation.

@Taifun should help you here. He is the extension developer.

Okay. I solved the problem with those blocks. But the plug-ins need updating.

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yes, I’m very aware of this

I still have to add the SDK 26 functionality into the telephony manager extension. You can help to increase my motivation do do that… see also the large green box on the bottom of the telephony manager extension page…

Until then you might want to drag a phone call component into the working area of your project and try again



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