Android Studio project on Kodular has how?

Android Studio project on Kodular has how? I have a project made in Android Studio and I wanted to turn it into Kodular, in order to improve the application. How should I proceed ?

NOT POSSIBLE… :slight_smile:

but the opposite is possible correct?

Not Possible

Both are indepentdent platforms and use their own way of storing the project in different structures like kodular stores in .aia extension with compression of extensions and screen blocks and UI .bks and all… But android studio stores that in totally different pattern. Hope you got that. :slight_smile:

There are some youtube tutorials and google search results for doing that sort of thing. But I have personally tried them but they do not work properly. Most probably because as @Technical_Zone explained.

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thank you, i really wanted to understand the operation of the commands sent by a particular application to a thermal printer that i bought. As I asked several people for help here on the forum and I didn’t get help, I wanted to transform this application that came with SDK sent by the printer manufacturer and study the commands in Kodular, and apply it to my application that was made in Kodular. now I’m sad to know that I won’t make it.

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