Android studio vs kodular

recently I used android studio but all In vain…sdk. ,grade, avd,. boring…but flexible to what u want…

kodular easy not flexible drag and drop

what u think ( I am from civil structural engg. stud)…+programming knowledge :ok_hand:

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If you know how to use apis, and those type of things, but you don’t know how to code, I recommend you to use Kodular. You can do almost everything you want.
But if you know Javascript and how to code, use Android Studio :wink:


If you want to make app fast to meet a client deadline, well kodular is a good option, it’s like an already libraries code that extracts into a block and just it to drag instead of typing a code base. About limitation, it is indeed for some areas, but a powerful extension can also make things possible here.


Android Studio is always best.
It takes time to code, you may feel confused with code.
Almost everything is possible in Kodular with extensions.
Kodular makes it easy to program apps
If you are stuck in Kodular, use your Java knowledge to make extensions.


Just a little correction. It’s not javascript its java.


Beside of native app development you can use flutter, react JS and soon. If you know OOP then it is easy to learn almost any programming language for app development.

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Should be java

Actually, Android Studio is the best.

I don’t think there’s a competition going on between both. Think of Android Studio as being an airliner jet, while Kodular can be a very nice car or a truck. You can use an airliner to go 10 miles from here but it will be a big waste of resources. Better use a car.
And you can use a car to go from Alaska to Argentina, but it will take you months. Better use an airliner.


I will recommend Kodular for easy works


If you have good coding knowledge, then I will recommend you to use Android Studio. Writing codes has always been the fastest way to create a software.

If you are a beginner in the field of Android app development, then you should go with Kodular. :slight_smile:


explaining more in diferent way:
use android studio as airliner . it wont crash i mean it is 737 which is stable and can land anywhere . use kodular as boeing380.not stable always.better to use android studio.if u are confused with 737 cockpit then use kodular.if u want easy game sort of cockpit then use kodular.i am learning 737 slowly
i used
737 as android studio
boeing380 as kodular
it is ur choice u choose

  • 737
  • boeing380

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Clear things don’t Confuse.
:sweat_smile: :joy:

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u know android studio is stable but kodular has some bugs that makes it unstable

that is the reason i used 737 as android studio and kodular as boeing380

But you have to understand Kodular is for someone who has no coding experience. Just a few bugs is acceptable.

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ok i agree with u

kodular saves time but android studio makes time so i prefer android studio. i mean in android studio u make extereme apps and kodular only apps with good ui and has many components less than android studio. kodular can also hangs but android studio is well and stable

Any citations?

I see this in YouTube comments everyday :joy:

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