Angler Base Platform (This Apps For Education Purpose and it increase Kodular Builder)

Hi i am Farhad Hossen From Bagerhat, Bagladesh. I am new user and i try to build Angler Based Platform. I love kodular platform and pray for it. Personally i want day by day increase de elopper on this platform. So we are try to various type of kodular base apps tutorials open for new user.
My App Feature:

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Log In Page
  3. Sign Up Page
  4. When Sign Up user create Profile
  5. Then go to Home Page
  6. Home Page Show grid view many item
  7. Navigation Drawer (profile + other setting)

Aleady i have create splash Screen, log in screen, sign up screen…
So plz all the kodular developper can help this open source project…ADB.aia (3.7 MB)

That’s nice. Keep going and it won’t be long before you’ve completed it.

If you have any problems then search the community for a solution and if you can’t find it then create a topic stating clearly what the problem is (and what should be happening) and including a screenshot of your relevant blocks.

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This Block is Ok ??

I don’t think so.

I use a vertical arrangement for each screen in my apps that contain multiple screens so I have never used this block before.

If you want Screen1 to show for 1.5 seconds before the next screen opens then you’re going to need to put the “open another screen” inside a “when Clock Timer” block and you’ll also need to turn “Clock Timer Enabled” to false.

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