Angry Birds with SLINGSHOT effect

I have the new version of angry birds . This time instead of "throwing the bird " with the finger (simple dragging) We will use simulate a “slingShot” effect.
The idea is pretty simple (as usual jeje ) We start dragging the bird , the closer the bird is from its original position while we drag it, the slower the bird flies, I mean I am not very good to explain it jeje but if you see it you will understand it.
Hope you like it and share the video with friends.

AIA to follow tutorial:

Angry Birdsd Part 01:
AngryBirds part 02

How to add the slingshot Angry Birds 03:
Slingshot image:


Just saying, you might want to change some stuff so that Rovio doesn’t sue you. Otherwise, great job!


oh yes! If you are planning to publish this app make sure you change the bird and pig… or try a different concept :slight_smile: