Animal Sounds and Games App تطبيق ألعاب وأصوات الحيوانات

Animal Sounds and Games App تطبيق ألعاب وأصوات الحيوانات

The Animal Games and Sounds application is an educational, entertaining and free application without the net, that helps children learn about the pictures, sounds and names of animals and the names of insects, as it contains many different animals.

The application is divided into two main parts as follows:
Section one: The names and sounds of animals and insects
It contains three sub-sections, which are as follows:
1- farm animals
2- jungle animals
3- Insects
All of these sections contain pictures, names and animal sounds in Arabic and English.

The second section - contains four different and entertaining animal games, which are as follows:
1- Animal sound game

  • Where he hears the sound and chooses the correct image for the sound he heard.
    2- Animal Name Game
  • Where an image is displayed and you choose the correct name for the image.
    3- Animal environment game
  • The animal is displayed and then you choose the appropriate environment for the animal to live.
    4- Memory game
    The memory game is divided into four stages: very easy, easy, medium and difficult. In this game, the person challenges himself by choosing the stage and setting the challenge time to reveal the images and solve the game before the specified time expires.

The Animal Games and Sounds application helps to learn the animals, their sounds, their names and the environment of each animal through the games in the application and have a good time inside the application.

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