Animating Sprites - Mario Mini Game Part 3

Hello, I am Eduardo and I have a new tutorial. This is a remake of an old tutorial I did some time ago.The idea is pretty simple, a coin is falling and our character, Mario, hast to pick it before it gets to the floor.
I am trying to remake this project now in a more ordered way. Using procedures and better logic I guess. Hope you like it.
In this part # 03 we will see how to :

  • Get pixel sprites for our game
  • Prepare the images in GIMP and export them as PNG
  • Import and Animate sprites in app inventor
  • Animate sprites when going to left or right or if standing
  • Increased game difficulty little by little
  • And many tips about working with app inventor
    Watch HERE:

Impresionante :clap:

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This is a grat job sir congratulations :wink:

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