Anime it - An App for Animes

What is the name of your app?

Anime it

Describe your app:

An application where I gather the best animes to watch online and offline.

the app has the functions:

  • Download episodes to watch offline
  • Skip episode once finished
  • Floating window to watch the episode while browsing other apps
  • Favorites function
  • Save and show the last watched episode
  • Push notifications
  • Constant update of animes and seasons

The application is in Portuguese BR, as it was developed for Brazilians

But I wanted to show the power of kodular in relation to the UI/UX of the app


App Store/Download link:

AIA file (Optional)


You should use google exo player because most professional apps use it

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Yes, I use Exoplayer

@Thiago I have messaged you, Please check

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I replied now

what do you use for the broadcast tv

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I use Web Video Caster.

I have a guide here in the community if you are interested.

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Really nice UI Design, good colour selection, best outline icon used, and very simple placing of components.


Thank you very much! I’ve been studying a lot about UI/UX and applying it to my projects

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Can you share me the AIA file

Sorry, but I wouldn’t do that. :sweat_smile:

Can You Give This Ais File Paid

Are you using any API to load all the in-app content?

I am hosting all information and urls in my baserow database