Announcing KodeJam 2k19!

Hey y’all,
Today, we, i.e., @Daaniiieel, @yusufcihan, @Kanishka_Developer, @Franck_G28 and I, are glad to announce the first-ever Kodular-based hackathon ever, KodeJam!

KodeJam will be a 15 days long event, consisting of two sub-events, one will be The Best App Challenge and second will be Kode Challenges
The event will start on 2019-08-18T15:30:00Z and will continue till 2019-09-02T15:30:00Z

You can find more information, rules, and FAQs on the KodeJam’s official website, i.e.,

That’s all for now. See you on the other side! :wink:


Hackathon Nice to see ya…


Hope to see all of you at the event! :smile:

A small FAQ on what it takes to join:

  • a good internet connection
  • a device that can run the Kodular Creator in a browser
  • lots of coffee

If you have any questions, ping any of the event organizers.


Hey Hello!!! First, Congratulation for organizing such kind of competition :smiley:

Just to be more clear, I wanted to ask two questions.

1- In Best App Challenge, is there any topic or theme on which apps will be coded?

2- In Kode Challenge would there be any task that would be given to participant and then they have to code that to fulfill the task?

Lastly, Wish you All the Luck :+1:


Still want to clarify more

But why not use accessories

Knowing that I use free plugins

Firstly, thanks a lot. :smile:

Nope, there isn’t any specific theme on which apps need to be created. All apps are allowed until and unless they follow Google’s developer policy.

Yes, every day participants will be provided with 2 Kode Challenges and they have submit them to us before the next challenge is released. You can read more on this on our site. :slightly_smiling_face:

The main reason for not allowing extensions is to keep this event as fair as it can be in all the aspects. Also, we aim to push the critical thinking and resourcefulness of the participants, to make the most out of the creator. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh Sorry :sweat_smile: I just missed some part of the KodeJam website. Upon digging more I found that my question were already answered there. Anyways Thanks for taking time to answer them again here.

Will see if I could participate in the Competition. Also if there is any other question I will surely ask here. Thanks again :slight_smile: @Shreyash


Great innitiative. What is the difference between Kode challenge and Best app challenge ?

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Both of them are completely different things. Please take a look at the website to know more about them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait for me at the next KodeJam :sunglasses::joy:

But you can use all the new components that will arrive in Kodular Eagle?


Exactly! And believe me peeps, this update will go you like…

shannon sharpe wow GIF


What does this mean?
You must be legally allowed to take part in such events (morally, legally, and by your guardians if applicable).

Probably parents consent if you are below 18

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Thank you @deepanshu_da85
I am below 15 (Actually 14)
I will tell my parents about KodeJam


morally: You are not violating any agreements of trust.
legally: Your legislature allows participation in such events.
by your parents: If they have grounded you, don’t participate.


Thank you @Kanishka_Developer


So this was @Shreyash’s surprise for us.
Awesome work! Keep it up!

PS: I hope the challenges won’t be impossible to Kode :wink:.


Nope, all of them has different difficulties. So they are not impossible to do. :smile: