Another option while launching new version?

(Domi Rami) #1

Hello everyone
Would it be possible to enjoy Makeroid offline someday?

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #2

This has been solved here

Makeroid will be ONLY online, that’s our plans right now

(Robert Crum) #3

You can use Kodular at the moment offline if you have the page loaded, just do it without wi-fi and when you done don’t forget to turn internet on and save your project :joy:

(Domi Rami) #4

Thanks for the contribution, even if the proposal is not very suitable. I do not know if you have noticed that the “creator” loads the changes in the server that are made in the blocks almost instantly and confirms that the changes have been loaded with a small sound that we hear. If you do not hear that sound, believe me you are not saving the changes even if you try manually, so you need a constant connection to the Internet. My proposal was made because at some time of the day I have free time and I do not have Internet coverage, if it is not possible, I will resign myself.

(Nathan) #5

I don’t think you’re getting what @Robert said :joy: