Another screen not opening

Rifthy Moulana:
Hi everyone

I set my button 1 click to open other screen but another screen not opened

App stopped working

Can anyone tell how to fix this

Maybe show your blocks? Are you using big images?

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Yes it little bit big

What can i do

Like i said "Maybe show your blocks? "

What happens if you use smaller images.


I think you are using a custom packagename?

blocks (1)

below i posted my blocks image

No i din’t change any package name

You are not making your app with Makeroid?

On the thunkable forum he says he uses Makeroid. But… this is not Makeroid.

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this is appybuilder i use all 3 builders

Why not post the makeroid blocks then on a makeroid forum.

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Where are you screen open blocks?

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If you are not using Makeroid, then we can’t help you here. That is because our code is different then the other builders