Any Alternative Solutions to Surface View


Since clearly Surface View component has some issues like below listed, I was wondering if there is any alternate method or extension of achieving what Surface View does without facing same issues.

  1. Front camera not working for most devices
  2. Sometimes needs to switch screen orientation between portrait and landscape before front camera works
  3. Front camera freezing after taking photo
  4. Occasional face detection error even if Face Detection is off
  5. Photo taken always saves in landscape even if phone was in portrait when capturing.

I have faced all of these issues and it makes the component a pain to use. I have seen others in the forum have given up on their projects because of some of these issues also. Any help will be grateful.

take a look at this extension - [PAID] Pro camera: Futuristic custom camera - Extensions - Niotron Community

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This exactly is the workaround that works for me since this component exists. I just run this procedure when switching cams. In combination with the ScreenRecorder extension and a few tricky workarounds you can fix almost all problems. I will post a special App these days where you can see what I mean.

Will be waiting to see your app. This workaround seems to give a bad user experience because screen flips to landscape and back to portrait. And when the front cam finally works, sometimes the video feed is rotated for user. It’s quite hectic.

My workaround currently is to put layout component with black background on the surface view during switch between landscape and portrait so that it is a bit hidden from the user and then make the layout component hidden again after the preview is started. Still not the best experience so I have put project on hold for now.

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well there was a free extension to work almost like Surface View but it was in appybuilder and appybuilder is not opening for few days

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