Any alternatives for Cloudinary?

Does it work the same way as Dropbox for example? I only found video of people using to host websites, did not understand anything, after logging in has an area to upload files and get the direct link?Does anyone have images and a link from a sample video right to see the speed that runs?

Has anyone tested opendrive? Is it bright and good to use in application?

Sorry for the questions is that the subject is interesting and you have a vast knowledge.

Your hosting shows unlimited bandwidth but it have restriction because of your plan normally 7-10$ per month have best bandwidth with 99.9% uptime and you have 6$/yr you know the difference

It’s funny that nobody mentioned OneDrive here :confused:
I have used the OneDrive Bussines free trial (for one year)

It has direct links, although they are a bit “complicated” to get

Yes, it has direct links

Here I provide one:

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Very good, I’m trying to understand how this works since yesterday kkkkk.

Charges fast and low fast and and not so expensive.

I just don’t understand how you use it, do you need to create a website and have a cpanel account? I’m confused, I didn’t want to go out paying without testing.

You better remove the link, you may have problems, thanks for showing it.